Some NSM type RPMs.

I’ve always maintained more or less up to date Snort RPMs for RHEL for personal use and have recently added Suricata. As they may be useful for others I have cleaned them up a little and made a YUM repository for EL6 i386 and x86_64. See the for more info.

A few things to note:

  • These RPMs use a prefix of /opt/nsm to prevent conflict with similar RPMs you may have installed, its a little bit out of the norm for RPMs and I’m open to comments…
  • Snort and Suricata packages will never be automatically upgraded as often upgrading to a new version requires some administration work such as updating your configuration files. To facilitate this the packages have their version as part of the name and “-latest” pseudo-packages are provided which will always install the latest RPM but you will have to “snort-select” or “suricata-select” the new version to make it active. I’ll probably have to add some more detailed documentation about this on the wiki.
As I’m also a regular Fedora user I’ll probably add Fedora builds at some point as its little effort to me. If Fedora builds would be useful to you please let me know and I may do it sooner than later.

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