Suricata Beta (2.1beta3) RPMs for EL7

I have created a Suricata Beta yum repository for CentOS/EL 7 to accompany the stable repo which includes the just released Suricata 2.1beta3.  Head to for further details on installing the RPMs.

Please let me know if you’d like to see the same for Fedora.

Suricata with EveBox on a Honeypot

I recently installed some honeypot software and am logging the traffic with Suricata into Elastic Search with Logstash. I know its a bit of a risk to expose Elastic Search like this, but I thought it could make a good demo for EveBox.

To check it out head over to with the username “evebox” with the same as the password.

This probably won’t be up for too long, it will depend on how useful the honeypot is to me at this time.

Update – 2017-11-24 – Update URL to point to the EveBox demo.